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How To Make Money Quickly And Easily: 10 Trusted Ideas

How To Make Money Quickly And Easily: 10 Trusted Ideas

How To Make Money Quickly And Easily: 10 Trusted Ideas
How To Make Money Quickly And Easily: 10 Trusted Ideas

Like many people, you probably need money. Do you want to obtain additional income and thus make ends meet without difficulty? Know that it is quite possible with your internet connection .

This page brings together the 10 profitable ideas that we think are the easiest, fastest and most serious in 2021 (and not scams as there are unfortunately on the web). Today, it's your turn to figure out how to make easy money. You can start immediately, you will see that it is not that complicated: you just need to follow a few steps.

10 Ways To Make Easy Money On The Internet

The 10 solutions we offer below have the advantage of being easy to implement and risk free. They certainly won't make you rich quickly , but thanks to the web, you can enjoy them right from home. No way for you to lose money: these reliable tips are 100% free and no special skills are required.

As this informative page is a bit long, you can get to the ideas that interest you the most with these links:

  1. Respond to paid surveys
  2. Read paid emails
  3. Sell ​​unnecessary items on the internet
  4. Offer small online services
  5. Sell ​​your documents on the net
  6. Get paid to buy (cashback)
  7. Carpooling
  8. Keep furniture
  9. Make your car or parking profitable
  10. Make up

1. Respond To Paid Surveys

Some pollsters and some companies need to collect consumer reviews. They seek to study our consumption habits to improve their products and services.

This is why your opinion can earn you a lot of money.

How it works ?

Paid survey sites all work on the same principle: you must first register on the site, giving more or less detailed information on your consumption habits, which will then allow the site to target the surveys intended for you. . Once the registration is validated, you will receive, more or less frequently, invitations to participate in surveys.

Each survey begins with a selection phase , which aims to keep only relevant participants (for example for an election survey, participants can be filtered according to the political affinities they declare). The survey stops very quickly if the participant is not selected, and on the contrary lasts between 10 and 30 minutes if the participant is selected (the foreseeable time is generally specified at the start of the survey).

You receive a prize, most often in the form of points redeemable for cash or gifts , when you have fully completed a survey. Some sites also provide a reduced gain for participants eliminated in the selection phase.

How Much Can You Earn With This Method?

Each completed survey earns you an average of € 2. It all depends on how long it takes to complete it. You earn up to around 5 euros per hour . It doesn't sound like a lot, but if the institutes search for your profile, the payouts can be bigger.

If this idea interests you particularly and you take part in many consumer surveys, you can reach 100 € per month. It is not difficult to achieve, but it can take a little while each week.

To earn even more money, you can also sponsor your loved ones. Sponsorship can be very profitable.

Our tips and tricks for paid surveys

The best way to make easy money with paid surveys is to follow these few rules :

read the questions carefully: some surveys include questions intended to test respondents' vigilance (for example: tick "Very satisfied" to answer this question), and participants who answer these trick questions badly are eliminated without compensation from the survey ,

do not respond too quickly: some surveys take response time into account, and rule out "clickers", whose response time is incompatible with the time for reading and understanding the questions,

answer sincerely: it is much easier to answer this way. In addition, some surveys include cross-checking questions to find disingenuous respondents!

We recommend the paid survey sites My Opinion Account , Swagbucks , or Myiyo . These websites are reliable, so you can give them a try. Maybe your consumer profile is worth gold?

If you want to discover more, stay alert. To make your choice, do not dwell on sites that ask you for payment to take part in surveys. It is up to you to be paid and not the other way around.

Ditto for sites that advertise amazing gains ... they are to be avoided, because there is undoubtedly a scam at the end!

2. Read Paid Emails

With the net, it is quite possible to earn money just by reading e-mails . Although they are often underestimated due to their low remuneration, paid emails are a great way to make the most of your free time. As long as you do it right!

How does it work ?

Paid emails, also known as PTR (Paid To Read), are based on a remuneration principle where you get paid to read emails. It is therefore very easy!

To do this, you must first register on a platform that offers this kind of services (for example Moolineo or Maximiles ). When registering, you must mention the e-mail address to which you wish to receive paid e-mails. When this is done, you will periodically receive emails that will need to be read to be credited .

Some emails require more than just reading. Indeed, you can consult e-mails asking you for example to register on a site, to order a product, etc. before getting paid. But the pay is greater in these cases!

How Much Does This Technique Bring In?

In general, the remuneration for simple reading of an e-mail varies between 0.01 and 0.04 € and that for e-mails requiring registration or any other action varies between 0.10 and 0.30 €.

You will understand that everything is a question of the volume of e-mails received (and the number of times they are opened by you of course). The more active the paying site, the more money you earn. For example, Moolineo is known to send a lot of emails. Your income can therefore accumulate quickly with this site.

Our Advices To You

- First, create an email address dedicated exclusively to this activity so as not to "flood" your primary email address.

- There is no real solution to whether you read an email correctly or not. All you have to do is open the email, scroll down with the mouse and you get paid (it takes about 3 seconds).

- Take the time to read the header of the email before clicking, because this will allow you to be informed about the type of email (simple reading, registration or purchase of products).

- To save your time, you can also organize your mailbox and create filters that automatically classify paid mails in one or more folders provided for this purpose.

- Finally, it is wise to find referrals , because the majority of sites have a referral system that pays quite well.

3. Sell Unnecessary Items On The Internet

During his life, we accumulate all kinds of objects or clothes which, for the most part, remain at the bottom of a piece of furniture or a cupboard. Changes in fashion or weariness often get the better of these past purchases. Thanks to the internet and online shopping sites, you can give these items a second life and take the opportunity to make some money .

Among the personal effects that you can resell, there are for example used books that you no longer need. Also consider reselling your unused gifts , even if this concept displeases some people who find the practice a little immoral. A gift that has been given to you may be unnecessary for you, but useful for someone else . In addition, the product can be sold new and still packaged. Moreover, if these are objects that quickly lose interest on the part of consumers, and therefore of commercial value, it is better to sell them as soon as possible. A few clicks are enough to sell an item on the internet.

The Best Sites To Sell Second-hand Items

Once your items are well prepared, you will find yourself facing a multitude of online shopping sites. In order to help you see more clearly, here are some essentials of the web .

Classifieds sites

The easiest way to sell an item is to place a classified ad . The benchmark site in this area is Le Bon Coin , with exceptional visibility. All categories are represented there. Placing an advertisement is free, as is the act of sale which does not involve any commission. Vivastreet or Paru Sold operate in the same way, but have less success.

Auction sites

Another way of proceeding can be the principle of auctions . On Ebay , the best-known web portal in this field, you set a starting price and possibly a reserve price, which is the floor price below which you do not agree to sell. Potential buyers will have a certain amount of time to bid. In this system, a commission is levied on the sale and the insertion of an advertisement may be chargeable.

How Much Do We Earn By This Means?

It all depends on what items you are selling. For highly sought-after products, the auctions can take off and pay you big. The lucky owners of old and rare objects have the chance to earn large sums of money by selling them on the internet. Who knows, maybe there are treasures hiding in your attic ?

How To Properly Sell Unnecessary Items On The Internet?

Before thinking about selling the objects that you no longer want, it is necessary to respect a preparation phase. The goal is not to sell anything and everything, because your reputation as a seller depends on it. A good reputation is essential to sell more and earn more.

The object or item of clothing must be in good condition, without excessive signs of wear. A garment, for example, must be sold clean, that is, washed, ironed and folded correctly.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight the object . The quality and the number of photos are important criteria. It is better to choose a clear medium and adjust the brightness. Finally, do not hesitate to describe the object, its particular characteristics and do not forget to mention any defects. The object is certainly second-hand, but that does not prevent the greatest transparency, towards the buyer.

4. Offer Small Online Services

For additional earnings, you can go to “odd jobs” sites like 5euros . It is a fast online service site that directly connects providers and customers. It is a good idea to make a little money on a regular basis, sometimes by combining several services at the same time.

Anyone can offer online services for a fee. With YoupiJob, for example, neighbors provide little services to individuals from time to time: keeping the house, mowing the lawn, babysitting, shopping, etc. The kind of services that anyone can now sell across the world thanks to the internet. The concept also affects everything that can be transmitted via the web.

How it works ?

Thanks to jobbing sites like , only the imagination is the limit to the services sold on the internet.

This can start from the translation, writing or correction of different texts. Some people also offer photo editing or visual designs on PowerPoint. Services of musical composition, love poems, wedding vows are also very frequent. But it can also concern remote troubleshooting, assistance, the creation of games or websites, or even the interpretation of dreams!

The more studious can also offer to help others with their homework, the smartest to find cheap flights, and the wiser to provide practical advice on a daily basis.

To launch an online service offer on a jobbing site, all you need to do is present the service you offer in a few lines. Adding images or video in addition to a full description of the service can be a real asset.

What Is The Remuneration?

There are no defined rules. Obviously, you will be paid 5 euros for each service on . But it can be much more depending on the difficulty of the service provided on other portals like YoupiJob .

5. Sell Your Documents On The Net

There are sites on the web that will allow you to make ends meet by making your documents available ( writing ebooks is similar to this solution). Most of the texts come from high school students, students or teachers, but nothing prevents you from benefiting from them with texts on the subjects that fascinate you .

Your documents are the result of your work and they are of interest to many people who are looking for help in a specific area.

To meet demand, various sharing platforms make your documents available to Internet users for a specific purchase price.

Your work has value: Sell it

Whether they are courses, methodology manuals, presentations, dissertations or research reports, all your documents are likely to be of interest to other Internet users , as part of their studies, to learn or improve in a field particular.

Register on a sales and sharing platform like:

This will allow thousands of users to benefit from your expertise while ensuring passive income.

So everyone is a winner!

And remember, the more popular you are, the more you will sell your work and the more money you will make.

The golden rules for selling your work and making money

To sell your documents successfully and become a valued seller, there are a few rules to follow:

- You are bound by strict respect for intellectual property and must under no circumstances plagiarize a book or a site or copy and paste several pages of the web. In short, the work you sell should be personal and unique.

- Your documents must be irreproachable from a typographical, syntactic and spelling point of view, and obviously contain no errors either in substance or in form. Remember that your documents will serve as a model and support for Internet users who will pay to use them, so they must be of high quality and provide added value to their buyers.

- Work well on your title and on your presentation: these indications will convince potential customers to buy your documents. Also be inventive, catchy and make you want to read your documents.

6. Get Paid To Buy (cashback)

For anyone wishing to make ends meet, the Internet can therefore be a godsend. Among the multitude of schemes, cashback has become a great way to put a little butter in the spinach. Yes, but what exactly is it? And how does it work? You will see, it is very simple and advantageous.

A return on investment

Cashback is simply a retro commission on your purchases . The technique dates back to the 1970s. It allowed certain holders of special bank cards to obtain a commission on their purchases at the end of the year. Since the 90s, cashback has invaded the Internet, and it can now be enjoyed on many sites.

Let's assume this: you want to buy a plane ticket. On the "payment" page, using a code for example, you will either benefit from a discount on the total, or from a cashback (10% of the total will be returned to you a few days later). It becomes very interesting if we push this technique on all your online purchases. Imagine the sums that can be donated to you: it will make a nice jackpot at the end of the year (enough to make nice Christmas gifts).

How do we do it?

Carried by the big e-commerce brands, cashback has made a real breakthrough in recent years. Today, there are around thirty specialized sites, partners of large commercial groups. Among the best known, there are for example Loonea or Fabuleos.

Once registered, you will discover the interface of the site and your starting balance is obviously zero. The role of these sites is to invite you to discover products through advertisements. Thus, for any purchase made from a supplier of household appliances, a tour operator, a furniture store, etc. through these announcements, you will receive your cashback. Your balance will increase until you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

A word of advice: register on two or three sites and do your research. Indeed, the amount of cashback can vary enormously from one site to another , and this for the same purchase. Note that you may need a PayPal account to transfer the balance to your bank account.

7. Carpool

With the Internet making our lives much easier, carpooling has become popular with a large audience. This transport solution has a double advantage : it is a source of significant savings, but also small profits.

For several years now, many people have tested and approved the concept. Many people indeed appreciate the benefits that can be derived from it. The sharing of gasoline costs and tolls is already very appreciable. Then there is the social dimension: you get to know each other and chat with other users during the journey. This experience is generally friendly and rewarding.

How Much Money Can We Get With This Process?

In terms of financial gains, don't expect big sums of money. They are mainly used to cover the expenses necessary to make the trip. But it is a good way to keep your money and use it differently. So, it's like making money, isn't it? The amounts you collect are often proportional to the distance of the trip, but you are free to set a higher price than that recommended by the website or the carpooling application.

Depending on your destination, it is relatively easy to find a traveling companion. Most of the time, people quickly position themselves to take advantage of it. So, if you travel often or occasionally, and mainly alone, do not hesitate to explore this idea (you have everything to gain). In addition, it is a gesture for the planet: the fewer cars in circulation, the better the environment!

8. Keep Furniture

Have you ever heard of cost-storage and its useful principle for some, profitable for others? If you have a free space such as a garage, basement or attic, this is a trick that can help you earn money quickly .

You just have to keep furniture for the other members of a web platform. You then obtain a monthly income that can easily reach several hundred euros depending on the location of the storage space rented .

9. Make Your Car Or Parking Profitable

We have already told you about carpooling, which is a reliable idea if you travel regularly. But this is not the only interesting method to make your vehicle profitable. Between insurance and mandatory maintenance, owning a car is expensive. Some people even refer to it as a real "money pit".

There is, for example, nothing simpler than putting advertising on your car in exchange for remuneration which can amount to up to 500 euros per month.

Owners of unused parking lots make money by renting them out to people who need them. And if you are a tenant, know that it is still possible to sublet your parking spaces when you go on vacation and during other periods when they are not useful to you.

10. Make Up

This list of ideas for getting money quickly and easily must showcase the figuration. This practice is for everyone and does not require any diploma. Movies, series and music videos generally require the presence in the background of extras with varying physique. To become an extra, all you have to do is offer your services by registering on websites that put in touch with the film crews. If your profile matches the search, you are selected.

Doing figuration is a serious lucrative technique (70 to 200 euros per day), but above all an unforgettable experience .


Now you know how to earn money online. You just need to spend some of your time testing the different earning methods . There are certainly a few that really suit you.

This list, which presents different ways to earn easy money in 2021, is expected to evolve as our discoveries progress. Note that we regularly post new tips on our Pro Money Booster guide , so keep your visit to explore even further.


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