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Put Advertising On Your Car: Remuneration Up To 500€ Per Month?

Put Advertising On Your Car: Remuneration Up To 500 Euros Per Month?

If you are on the lookout for different ways to make easy money, you may have already thought about installing an advertisement on your vehicle. Indeed, this practice accessible to individuals makes it possible to afford additional income without too much effort… How to proceed and how much can one be remunerated? What are the eligibility criteria?

Put Advertising On Your Car: Remuneration Up To 500 Euros Per Month?
Put Advertising On Your Car

The principle of advertising campaigns on cars

Concretely, a company sponsors you by installing its logo, its slogan or its poster on your own car. You ride as usual and automatically earn money.

We often see websites claiming that it is possible to earn up to € 500 per month this way. We prefer to stress that every contract is different, and that you shouldn't expect such large amounts at first, as terms vary from one ad campaign to another. However, you can hope to touch a hundred euros, or even more.

This passive income, which you receive without working, is easily accessible: there is no need to do much to register on the sites in question. Concretely, you must generally fill out a form and indicate your contact details, before being asked and being guided by your contact person. To increase your chances of being contacted, you have to give as much information as possible about your car, but also about your usual journeys.

A contract between the advertiser and the owner of the vehicle is signed. Then we put the stickers on the car and you prove that you leave them well on it for the duration of the agreement. You earn a variable amount of money (the remuneration conditions must be explained in the contract).

Several websites offer you to earn money by attaching advertising stickers to your vehicle: this is the case of Itsmycar .

What are the eligibility criteria for advertising your car?

The model and condition of the vehicle

The car on which the advertising stickers will be placed will have to represent a brand . It is therefore easily understood that there may be requirements related to the model, condition and maintenance of the vehicle.

In general, you should know that the sponsors primarily covet city models . Indeed, the Smart and Mini, for example, are among the preferred alternatives of advertisers in the field. However, even if you ride in a crossover or a larger model, all your chances are not lost.

In addition, there is a demand for visually well-maintained cars, which do not have major impacts on the bodywork. If you've recently broken down a door and missed a maneuver, you should know that repairs should be done better before applying on websites of this type , as the chances of a damaged vehicle being detained are very low.

Kilometers traveled and traffic areas

It is much easier to land car advertising contracts in town. This is because advertisers are often not interested in rural areas, where investments are less profitable, as each sticker is less likely to be seen. However, in the context of certain well-targeted marketing campaigns, it is quite possible to find requests in small towns and more remote towns: you can apply even if you do not live in a large metropolis ... While knowing that the technique will certainly be less fruitful for you than for a city dweller.

Some brands require a minimum number of kilometers to be driven. They can also indicate a precise geographical area on which the vehicle must be visible. Of course, it is not impossible that checks will be carried out: if you want to make sure that you collaborate in confidence with your sponsor, it is better to respect the commitments of the contract.

In this sense, it is frequently imposed to park the car outside , in areas where it will be clearly visible. So that this practice does not become a real constraint, one advises to engage only on contracts which coincide with its own routine and its frequenting districts. Indeed, one should not have to waste money unnecessarily to honor the number of kilometers to be covered, for example!

Read the contract well and think carefully before signing

You will have understood it: if you live in the city and are used to driving regularly in city cars, your profile is perfectly compatible with car advertising. This is a great way to earn money without getting tired.

But to conclude this article, we draw your attention to some basic advice to follow: before signing the contract, take the time to read all the conditions, to weigh the pros (the remuneration received) and the cons (the various obligations in terms of parking, routes, mileage). For example, the simple fact of having to commit to additional journeys to respect the contract reduces the profitability of this practice, which is especially interesting when all the conditions are met.


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